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Colon Hydrotherapy

CHT is a gentle way of flushing your large intestine with warm water, freeing your body of built up toxins and kick-starting your natural waste-removal systems. The modern way of life often provides too little nutrition, fiber, and exercise to keep things moving smoothly on their own; let us give your digestion a helping hand.


Bodywork therapy

Whatever your pains and stresses are, there's a massage therapy that will ease the tensions and encourage natural healing. The Body Center Kalamazoo proudly offers Wolfe Deep Tissue Therapy, Wolfe Non-Surgical Therapy, Russian Deep Tissue, Ashiastsu Massage, Swedish Massage, & Raindrop Treatment. Ask about our combined options. 



About The Body Center Kalamazoo

Our calling is to provide holistic, natural therapies to soothe you inside and out. The Body Center Kalamazoo is a welcoming, calming space designed with care and respect for your entire, beautiful self. Check your daily worries at the door and focus on healing and strengthening.